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Concealed Pistol License Renewal is a 4-1/2 hour class designed specifically for the person who already has a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License, but needs to renew it.

Michigan law requires anyone renewing a CPL to complete both a 3 hour review of pistol safety and the applicable law related to carrying and using a cocealed pistol, as well as at least 1 hour of firing range time within 6 months immediately preceeding the renewal application.

This class exceeds Michigan's legal requirements for a CPL renewal.

Classes are arranged to fit individual student's schedules with each class containing the following:
  • Review of safe gun storage, use and handling
  • Review of pistol shooting fundamentals
  • Review of firearms' laws, including those related to carrying a concealed pistol, criminal and civil liability issues and the use of deadly force
  • 2 passport quality photographs
  • Range time of at least 1 hour
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the class
  • NRA membership discounts to students
  • Free lifetime consultation regarding firearms and firearms' law

REQUIREMENTS:  You must have a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License.  For the range, you must use eye and ear protection, which I can provide at no charge.  You need a safe and functioning handgun and 50 rounds of factory ammunition. Ammunition is a student expense.

LOCATION:   To be arranged with the student.

TUITION:  Private or Group Classes: $70.

Concealed Pistol License Renewal
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*This is not an NRA class, as are Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the Home.
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